Mesi Tare Home Accommodation

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Mesi Tare is located in the village of Old Believers village of Varnja on the shore of Lake Peipus, offering guests accommodation in an authentic Old Believers’ home. Russian oven will keep you warm and cozy. The house has three rooms that that can house of up to 10 people. You can refresh from the road in one of the saunas – either in a real smoke sauna, a Finnish sauna, an exotic plastic sauna, a tent sauna or in a hot tub. During summer time, romantic visitors can sleep and enjoy sauna in Mesi-Spa straight on the lake (a charming pleasure boat with beds and a sauna).

The host family will happily take you to the Lake Peipus by boat in summer, or karakat in winter, or to an adventure in Emajõe-Suursoo Bog. Or perhaps you would like to rent a bike or a boat to explore local life on your own? You can also camp or stay in a caravan on the premises.

  • Accommodation for 10 persons
  • Accommodation in the boat houses for 6 persons
  • Saunas
  • Camping site
  • Bicycle rent
  • Lake Peipus cruises with Mesiroos boat for up to 15 persons
  • Boat rent
  • Winter ice safari on karakatitsa
  • Transportation to the lake/ice taxi on karakatitsa (for fishermen)
  • Workshops (tea, fish, honey)
  • Accommodation for up to ten guests, full guesthouse rental – € 300 per night
  • Accommodation on the Lake at the boat house, €70 per night per two persons
  • Breakfast upon reservation
  • Bicycle rent €10 per day
  • Smoke sauna €120 per night, plastic sauna €60 per night, Finnish sauna €60 per night
  • Boat rent from €40
  • Camping €10 per tent
  • Winter ice safari on karakatitsa €70 (for up to 6 persons)
  • Transportation to the lake/ice taxi on karakatitsa – back and forth from €10 per person
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