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How to find us

By bus

The easiest way to get to the Onion Route is from Tartu Bus Station. Main bus stops near our destinations:

– Alatskivi
– Kolkja
– Varnja
– Kallaste
– Turgi
– Kadrina

Use to see the bus schedule and get tickets.

By bicycle

Each spring, we have created a new route to explore the Onion Route on a bike. Ask us for more details!

By car

It’s really fun to explore the The Onion Route with a car. Favourite route for the people coming from Tartu is: Vara-Koosa-Varnja-Kasepää-Kolkja-Alatskivi-Kallaste-Ranna. Of course, there are more ways to have an adventurous roadtrip with a car.

Check our recommendations under Recommendations, or write to us directly: The only gas station in the region is in Alatskivi.

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