Kostja Onion Farm

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Kostja Onion Farm is located in Kolkja village. To find it, you need to head to the famous onion restaurant, find a small village road behind the restaurant and the onion farm at its end.

Of course, the host of the onion farm is Konstantin, who greets guests in Russian and in Estonian. Kostja gives guided tours to the onion farm visitors, during which he introduces the onion cultivation methods of Old Believers, as well as the modern cultivation tips and tricks. In addition to the onion cultivation, Kostja can make onion wreaths and carries out weaving workshops for those who are interested.

You should contact Konstantin, the host of Kostja Onion Farm, when onions are about to be ready for harvesting: he sells all sorts of onions and onion wreaths in any amount.

Additionally, the hostess of the farm makes mouth-watering onion pies, which must be pre-ordered but they are absolutely worth it!

Opening hours and info
  • Open on request, please call or write in advance
  • Reserve up to an hour and a half for your visit
  • Peak season from May to October
  • Onion cultivation tour for about an hour from €25 per group
  • Price of other services (including catering) to be agreed separately
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