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Study trip to The Onion Route

from €40 per participant
  • The Onion Route area
  • 2-40 Persons
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How did the Onion Route network start nine years ago, what joys and issues there where, which services do the network members offer? Come visit us, we will tell about the experience!

Study trips to the Onion Route may include:

  • An overview of the activities of the NGO Sibulatee (The Onion Route) Network in the form of a seminar
  • Visits to members of the network with an overview of the company’s activities
  • Participation in various activities provided by the network members (woodblock printing, guided tours, tea ceremony, etc.)
  • Catering and accommodation provided by network members
  • Guided tour throughout the study trip

The study trip will be compiled according to the wishes and budget of the group.

  • Study trips will be organised according to the needs and interests of your group
  • Study trips can be organised both in Estonian and English
  • We recommend contacting us about a month before the planned trip
  • Price from €40 per participant
  • Contact: NGO Sibulatee (The Onion Route), info@sibulatee.ee, phone +372 56480065
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