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Local craft wine tasting

from €8 per participant
  • Hirveaia 4, Alatskivi
  • 10-45 Persons
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Alatskivi Manor Flavours has a tasting room at the edge of the castle park. Behind the guest room, in the wine cellar, different wines are made from local berries. Reds, whites and rosés, both with and without bubble.

Wines created by Alatskivi Manor Flavours can only be obtained by visiting us. If you contact us in advance and come with a larger group, a craft wine tasting can be arranged. Plan about an hour for introduction and sampling of five wines.

  • Number of participants: 10 to 45
  • Price: €9 per participant (5 craft wines) or €14 (five craft wines and snacks)
  • Duration: approximately 60 minutes
  • When: any time
  • Languages: Estonian and Russian (English, to a lesser degree)
  • Pre-booking: preferably at least 3 days in advance
  • Contact: must.kylli@gmail.com
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