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Ghostly dinners in Alatskivi Castle

€50 per participant
  • Alatskivi Castle
  • 10-30 Persons
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We offer an unforgettable experience with a ghostly dinner in the restaurant of Alatskivi Castle. Guests will travel 130 years back in time, when the harmonious family of Nolckens lived in the manor.

Dinner guests will find themselves in a world without electricity and smart devices, but with family dinners and book readings.

During the evening, the lady of the manor will take the guests through the dark rooms of the manor while telling stories about past times and ghostly legends – the castle really is haunted!
The price includes a guided tour, a 4-course dinner, and entertainment from the late 19th century.

  • Number of participants: 10 to 30
  • Price per participant: €50
  • Duration: about three hours
  • When: From November to the end of March
  • Languages: Estonian, English and Russian
  • Reservation: at least 2 weeks
  • Contact: info@alatskiviloss.ee


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