Turgi Handicraft Farm

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Turgi handicraft farm is located in the village of Torila in the northern part of Tartu county. You will locate it easily at 1.5 km distance en route from Kallaste to Kokora.

Turgi Handicraft Farm aims to promote the textile heritage of Kodavere and teach guests to weave ancestral patterns and their modern versions on looms. The hostess, Veinika Västrik, offers active holidays in summer weaving camps, where one can take a beginner’s or an advanced course, and learn with renowned international guest teachers. The handicraft farm also has a textiles collection that includes handmade carpets, blankets and other home textiles.

If you want to know more about how the looms work, how to put them together and what materials to use for knitting, then come by to learn more! Call beforehand, so the family would be ready to welcome visitors!

Opening hours
  • Open on request, please call or write in advance
Services and prices
  • Weaving summer camps (€190 per participant includes accommodation and materials)
  • Individual counseling (acquisition of looms, assembly of accessories, etc.) is free of charge
  • Getting acquainted with textiles woven on looms
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