The Suites and Restaurant of Alatskivi Castle

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Spend a night in a fairy tale castle!

Four rooms with accommodation for up to eight people await on the second floor of Alatskivi Castle. Each room has a WC and bathroom. In the Tower Room, the most luxurious room of them all, the bed has been placed in a niche in the corner tower. Two of the rooms, the Chambermaid Room and Governess Room, can be combined into one family room. It is possible to install two extra beds in each room, so the suites can accommodate a friendly company of sixteen, if necessary.

The Alatskivi Castle links three completely different cultures: the Scottish culture, which is expressed in the architecture of the castle, the Estonian peasantry as people who lived and worked in the castle and land of the estate, and a German nobility representing aristocracy and old German traditions. The restaurant has adapted three different cultures in its menu. In addition, the restaurant menu includes world renown classic menu items.

  • Accommodation for 8 persons
  • À la carte restaurant
  • Festive events (weddings, birthdays)
  • Group catering, also catering for groups of children
  • Catering
Prices and opening hours
  • Accommodation from €90 per room
  • À la carte main courses €10-26
  • Wedding menus from €26 per person
  • The suites can be booked by email or through Booking.com
  • Restaurant is open Tuesday-Wednesday 12:00-20:00, Friday-Saturday 12:00-21:00, Sunday 12:00-20:00
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