One area, two nationalities, three cultures.

The Onion Route

The shores of Lake Peipsi are worth exploring!

The Onion Route is a network of tourism service providers which covers the shores of Peipsi snaking from the banks of Emajõgi on the right side up to Kallaste. The fourth biggest lake in Europe has played a vital role in local life for centuries - Peipsi feeds and clothes the people, but sometimes also takes from them.

The Onion Route's distance from the university town Tartu is rather perfect – the heart of the Onion Route, Alatskivi, is located 40 km from Tartu. From the university town it is possible to take a one-day trip to the Onion Route or to combine a visit to the Onion Route with the return to North-Estonia, or enjoy a longer adventure here. There is much to see and a variety of opportunities to join in and do something.

Several different nationalities co-exist in such a friendly manner that an interesting mixture of Estonian and Russian can be heard on the shores of Peipsi. At the same time, a guest can manage here by speaking English.

The Onion Route provides the visitors with an overview of three cultures:
Russian Old Believers. The Old Believers on the shores of Peipsi still honour old traditions. Varnja, Kasepää, Kolkja – all three are diverse ribbon villages. While you explore these, the museums, prayer houses and graveyards are worth looking up. Also, you should buy fish, onions and other agricultural products here.
Baltic German manor culture. The former Baltic German culture is represented by the stately Alatskivi manor. The old stone buildings at the heart of the manor are finding more and more new purposes of use. However, the majestic Alatskivi Castle deserves attention most of all.
Estonian peasant culture. Hard-working Estonians have also developed village life and culture in this area.The museum in the area where the famous Estonian poet Juhan Liiv was born and lived is well worth a visit and there are several places on the Onion Route which are related to the legends of our national epic's hero Kalevipoeg.

The Onion Route - one area, two nationalities, three cultures!
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