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Workshop on tea culture on the Onion Route

15€ per visitor
  • Samovar House, Varnja village
  • till 50 Persons
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In our tea culture workshops, will discuss the history of tea-drinking in the Old Believers’ villages, talk about what Ivan chai is and how it is made. The workshop is carried out in a cosy house of Old Believers. We will bring the water straight from the well, make samovar tea from it, and taste the traditional cooked sugar of Old Believers.
Depending on the season, guests can also participate in the process of making Ivan chai with the hostess of Samovarimaja (summer time) or hear stories on history and the healing properties of tea while enjoying a cup of Ivan chai (autumn-winter time).

  • Participants: till 50
  • Price for the person: 15 €. If you want you can book snacks or meal also.
  • Duration ca 60 minutes
  • When: always:)
  • Languages: English and Estonian
  • Booking: preferably one week at least
  • Contact: info@mesitare.ee
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